Audit and Assurance

Audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing of financial statements prepared in accordance with Albanian National Accounting Standards or International Financial Reporting Standards.

An audit provides credibility to your business, enhancing confidence and trust as well as reinforcing the attributes of integrity and reliability of the business’s management team. Our performance is continuously assessed by the Institute of Authorized Chartered Accountants of Albania (IEKA) and Public Supervisory Bord (BMP) review.

Our Audit & Assurance services comprise of statutory and regulatory audit services, including share capital transactions, information systems review, and general accounting and regulatory issues. We are licensed by the Institute of Authorized Chartered Accountants in Albania (IEKA) to carry out statutory audits of financial statements as and when required by the local legislation.

We utilize a risk-based audit methodology that requires a thorough understanding of our clients’ organisation, its goals and objectives, key business risks, operations and financial processes. This understanding not only provides the foundation for highly effective assurance services, but also gives us insights which we use to provide our clients further value.

    Our Audit & Assurance services include the following:
  • Audit of group reporting packages;
  • Internal controls review;
  • Audit in accordance with the regulatory requirements of individual industries
  • Assurance services as per Agreed Upon Procedures with the client